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Christianity and Islam: Creating the Conversation

Few issues facing the contemporary church are more pressing than how Christians should relate to Muslims. For Christians, the problem is evident. Islam is a religion that shares Abrahamic origins but denies Christological salvation. Islam, like Christianity, is monotheistic, but Allah, as Muslims call God, barely resembles the God of the Bible. Islam and Christianity […]

A Lesson in Apologetics From Polycarp

Written by: Corey Latta Apologetics, the defense of the Christian faith to an unbelieving world, is all logos, and mind, and cerebration, and ism. And theology, apologia’s paterfamilias, conceptualizes and constructs new theories about God. If it’s very good theology, it recalls those older ideas from which the theories are built. I confess, as one who […]

A Lamentation for Nice

Written by: Corey Latta I’m taking my youngest set of twins (yes, we have two sets) to the doctor today. It’s their three-month checkup. The three-month checkup means vaccinations, which means shots. My wife hates it. So do I. Our unsuspecting babies, totally content in our arms and blissfully ignorant of their surroundings, feel this sudden […]

Quiet No More

Written by: Pepper Horn It was the spring of 1981. I was driving solo across the southwest heading east on I-40 near Tucumcari, New Mexico. That’s when my Ford Fiesta gave up the ghost. In those ancient days before cell phones, I had no choice but to start sauntering down the highway. I had recently passed […]

The Mandate of Christ and Culture, Part 2

Written by: Corey Latta This is Part 2 of our series The Mandate of Christ and Culture. Click here to read Part 1.  I said in my previous post on the mandate Christians have to engage culture that the real aim of any interaction between Christian and cultural medium is to shine the light of Yahweh to the world. […]

The Gospel, Unashamed: Race Relations in Romans Part 2

Written by: Corey Latta This is Part 2 of our series The Gospel, Unashamed: Race Relations in Romans. Click here to read Part 1.  When Paul begins his letter to the Christians in Rome by saying he’s unashamed of the gospel because it is the power of salvation for everyone who believes, first to the Jew, then to […]

The Mandate of Christ and Culture, Part 1

Written by: Corey Latta The phrase “Christ and culture” often refers to the way the Christian faith can and/or should relate to cultural ideas and mediums. Speaking of Christ and culture usually carries tones of Christian imperative, a sense of mission evoking questions of whether Christians should engage cultural mediums, and if so, to what extent. In […]

The Gospel, Unashamed: Race Relations in Romans

Written by: Corey Latta The epistle to the Romans begins with and unfolds from 1:16–17, Paul’s thesis: For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from […]

Captured by Genesis

There’s something about the book of Genesis that captures the imagination. And it’s really no surprise – this book contains the origin of our existence, the expansion of civilization, the rise and fall of empires, stories of romance and heartache, dreams and disasters, gain and loss; Genesis has it all, beautifully stitched together to dynamically […]