Application Guidelines

The goal of DL international trips is to equip and empower believers to build spiritually mature, reproducing disciples of Christ in their current context. Before applying, we ask that you seek the Lord through prayer, time in the Word, wise Christian counsel and watch for the Lord to open or close the door. The Downline leadership as well as other international trip alumni are happy to talk with you about their experiences.

There are a few things you need to know before beginning your Global trip application:

Check your eligibility.

Global missions are open to Downline Institute students and alumni. You are welcome to apply for trips outside of the campus that you attend.

Set aside time to prepare for your trip.

To properly prepare for a trip, significant time is required. After you apply and are accepted for a trip, you must attend trip preparation meetings. These sessions are typically offered in three 60-75 minute sessions a few times during the year. In addition to these sessions, each team typically has one to four meetings that only include the team for a specific trip.

Be ready to make your deposit with your application.

By committing to a global trip, you accept full responsibility for raising and paying for 100 percent of your global trip expenses. Please turn in your $250 deposit with your application (we can’t process your application without your deposit). You can make your deposit online here.

Know that refunds may not be possible if you decide not to participate in the trip.

Have your medical information on hand.

To apply, you need to provide some medical information, including insurance, physician and medication information.

Ready to Go?

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