Trip Financing

Global trip costs vary based by location, but most trips stay within these ranges:

  • Central America – $1700-2000
  • South America – $1700-2200
  • Middle East – $2600-3200
  • Africa – $2700-3500
  • Asia – $2500-3300

Prices include airfare, lodging and training costs. You are responsible for your passport, shots, personal supplies, spending money and some meals. For personal spending money, $100-200 is typically plenty.

Support Team

There are a couple of benefits to having a support team. The team serves as prayer warriors for your mission trip and assists you in the task of raising the funds needed to go. Please remember that this team is much more than a group of people who send you money – you will miss the biggest benefit of this team if your only objective is to pay for the mission. By forming a support team, you will be informing and engaging your supporters in the process of disciple-making that reaches to the ends of the earth.

Support Letters

When you send out a support letter, you are acting on behalf of nations in need of – and hungry for – training.  Your letter informs others of this need and of God’s command to make disciples of all nations.  Before you go on the trip and when you return home, you will have opportunities to share what God is doing globally. For a detailed guide to raising support and writing your letter please download the Downline Support Raising Guidelines. You can also read a sample support letter.

Some people going on mission trips prefer to pay the for the entire trip themselves and do not send support letters at all. You can pay for the trip yourself, but we still encourage you to send letters to build a prayer support and encouragement team.  If you decide to try and raise the majority of your trip cost through donations, we expect that you will make arrangements to pay at least a portion of the cost yourself. This allows you to have some buy-in for the trip and gives you a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the trip and its cost.

An Important Rule About Support Raising

There are a large number of Downline students who go on mission trips. We ask that you do not send support letters to others within your  Downline class. Support letters are only to be sent to people who are not Downline students.


Supporters can donate by sending a check  made out to Downline Ministries or online through our website. If supporters are donating on your behalf, make sure they give to the international fund and designate their gifts with your name and trip. Please note that if you apply for a trip and do not go for any reason, any donations made towards your trip cannot be refunded. Our non-profit status and the tax exempt nature of these donations prohibit it.  To check your funding for a trip please email

Ready to Go?

Review the trip application guidelines to learn more.

Application Guidelines